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"We read, you succeed!" provides the service of book reviews and editing to authors and publishers. We provide professional service with ease and speed by keeping our systems simple.

Each review will have a brief description of the book, but it will not be detailed enough to spoil the story for the other readers. The review will explain who will be interested in the book and why. Typically quotes are used from the book. If this is not the type of review you would like, contact to request a special review.

We use the following rating system:

Incredible. Put this on your reading list!
This is a good book. If possible, read this.
Decent. Not great. There are better books to read.
Needs a lot of work. Don't waste your money.
A waste of paper and ink. Don't waste your money.

We only post reviews of books that have a rating of 3, 4 or 5. All negative reviews will be sent directly to the publisher or author. We do not give bad publicity.

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